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Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

We receive a number of questions regularly.  We apologize for the inconvenience and also strive to have the most up to date, clear information in our product descriptions but this is always a work in progress.  Hopefully this section will help!

Q. When I press my switch into the "FRONT" position both orange indicator lights illuminate, is this normal?

A.  Yes this is normal operation.  This is happening because the switch is actually activating both the "FRONT" and "REAR" parts of the switch at the same time.

Q. When I press my switch from the "FRONT" position to the center position the rear camera flashes on the screen, is this normal?

A.  Yes this is normal operation.  The switching relay toggles between the Front and Rear camera feeds and when you change the switch from the front to the center position the relay is electronically switching quicker than the switch you are pressing with your finger.

 Q. My front camera image is mirrored, how do I fix this?

A.  The supplied camera is setup by default to be a rear facing camera.  It is also designed to be a front facing camera but in order to use it as a front facing camera you must snip a wire (White or Green) up by the camera.  If your camera came in a brown box, cut the Green wire.  If your camera came in a white box, cut the White wire.  If you cut the wrong wire do not panic!  They will not impact anything and it is reversible by just joining the cut ends back together.