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About Us

Hey Everyone!

I am Brian, the creator of the AnytimeBackupCamera harness and fellow truck enthusiast.  I am a long time lover of Toyota trucks, Land Cruisers in particular, but when I saw the 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner I had to have it!  

Now with my new truck, next step... MODS!  But who wants to cut up their factory wiring and potentially void warranties?  With this in mind I set out to source the proper connectors and develop my harness.  It started with the AnytimeBackupCamera harness which allowed me to view my factory rear camera at any time; Cool.  After proving this would work I felt the need to add a Front camera to the truck and set out to make that work.  Long story short, here we are.

As I mentioned, I am an enthusiast just like you and consider myself to be a part of a community of truck lovers.  I work a demanding full time job as an engineer and do this in my (minimal) spare time with hopes of sharing this cool modification with you all.  I strive for 100% customer satisfaction and do my best to provide all the support I can as timely as possible.  Thank you all for choosing my product and for your continued support.


Thank you,