How to Install the Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28)

Below are a few tips on how to install the Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28) for viewing of your factory backup camera at any time.
Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28)
You will receive the harness above which has 28 wires in the harness with two wires in a sheath coming off the female end of the harness.  The harness will plug into the rear of your factory in dash screen in the place of the existing 28 wire harness and then the factory 28 wire harness will plug into the other end of the Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28).
Harness (ABC-28) Plugged into the rear of the In-Dash Screen
Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28) - Wire Functions
The two wires will be connected directly to the switch to control the harness.  We recommend using our switch (ABC-FRS pictured below) but you can also use any SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch of your liking.
The RED wire from the Anytime Backup Camera harness (ABC-28) supplies 12v to the system and should be connected to the RED wire on our switch (ABC-FRS).
Next the ORANGE wire on the Anytime Backup Camera harness (ABC-28) is the load and should be connected to the ORANGE wire on our switch (ABC-FRS)
Front and Rear Camera Switch (ABC-FRS)
Wire Functions
BLACK -      Chassis Ground
RED -           12v Supply (RED wire from Override Harness ABC-28)
ORANGE -   Rear Camera (ORANGE wire from Override Harness ABC-28)
GREEN -      Front Camera (GREEN wire from Switching Relay ABC-RELAY)
GRAY -         NOT USED
BLUE -         NOT USED


  • I sent an email earlier today about application on my 2015 Tundra and have not heard back. Just making sure the mail went through and you have a chance to answer my question. Thanks.

    Jim De Silva
  • Thanks for the quick shipping of the harness.

    Just to confirm, in order to energize the rear camera at any time, you just need 12 volts to the orange wire? What is the best way to get to the harness to add it to the existing display/harness?

    Also, probably need to look elsewhere on the Tacoma site, but can this harness be altered to allow use of the navigational system when vehicle is moving?



    Mike Lommatzsch
  • Made a mistake thought I was sending you a email question. Please don’t post my comments.

    I love the product though!

    Jerry Trullender
  • I just rewatched your video instructions again and I just realized I forgot to connect the green wires to the camera extension red pig tail. 😟😔. I guess I have to go back in and do that. Why does the green wire go to that pigtail is it for power?

    Do I need to connect the other pig tail to the red wire? Does that need to be connected to an in line fuse? And or battery?

    I still have to hook up the front camera but it late so hopefully I hear from you maybe there is another option to there I don’t have to tear everything down again.

    Thanks JT

    Jerry Trullender
  • I would like to use my own switch. What would be the connections for the black, green, orange & red wires to a single pole double switch?


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