• Wired exactly as diagram shows, rear camera doesn’t work at all.

    Ron McIntyre
  • Just finished the install on my 2021 4Runner TRD Pro. Took a few tries. First, for the premium camera, the red wire from the camera is not used. I did not read the instructions online and had that connected to the other red wires. Also not sure about the RCA jack connections. I finally just did mix and match until everything worked properly. I added an extension to the relay ground wire then connected all the ground wires together and grounded them behind the dash. All working well now. Really great once it all works!!! Instructions could be much much better no doubt.

    David Flowers
  • 2018 Tacoma I installed the front camera kit with the premium camera. I encountered two problems. First the RCA connectors were incorrectly marked. Second all of the RCA connectors were very loose. I had the bend the outer barrel portion inward to make good connectivity. Ops good after those issues were fixed.

  • I have everything wired up as diagrammed. However I can only get the front camera to work whether I hit the front switch or the rear switch. Then I swapped the front camera input for the rear camera input and the opposite is happening. When I press either front or rear on the switch I only get the rear camera in both positions. Please help.

    Dan Kaiser
  • I logged in today and say the comment from Mary on May 11 2021 where she says “Don’t waste your money.
    DOES NOT work on 2021 4Runner”. I must say that I disagree with her. I have a 2021 4Runner TRD Off-road and I installed the Anytime system with a front camera early this year and have been enjoying it off-roar every weekend since.

    Tim Curnutt

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