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How to Install the Anytime Backup and Front Camera - Full Kit

*Note the video may mention the Blue/Gray wires on the switch are not used.  This comment was referring to our Gen 1 switches.  In our current switches the blue and gray wires are for the switch back light,
This write up should provide insight on how to install the Anytime Backup and Front Camera product (ABC-FULLKIT, ABC-CAMKIT, ABC-FRSKIT).

Your kit will come with the following products:

Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28)
Anytime Backup Camera Switching Relay and Video Harness (ABC-FRONT)
These two components are bundled as one in this kit.  ABC-FRONT is comprised of the Switching Relay (ABC-RELAY) and Video Harness (ABC-VID).
If you ordered a Camera Kit (ABC-CAMKIT), Switch Kit (ABC-FRSKIT), or Full Kit (ABC-FULLKIT) you will also receive the items below:
Camera Kit (ABC-CAMKIT):
Items pictured above PLUS a Camera
Switch Kit (ABC-FRSKIT):
Items pictured above PLUS a Switch
Items pictured above PLUS a Camera and Switch


NOTE:  The camera must be mounted with the threaded nipple VERTICAL for the image to be oriented correctly.

The Anytime Backup Camera Rear Override Harness (ABC-28) has 28 wires in the harness with two wires in a sheath coming off the female end of the harness.  The harness will plug into the rear of your factory in dash screen in the place of the factory 28 wire harness and then the factory 28 wire harness will plug into the other end of the Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28).
Harness (ABC-28) Plugged into the rear of the In-Dash Screen
Anytime Backup Camera Harness (ABC-28) - Wire Functions
The two wires will be connected directly to the switch to control the harness.  We recommend using our switch (ABC-FRS pictured below) but you can also use any SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch of your liking.
The RED wire from the Anytime Backup Camera harness (ABC-28) supplies 12v to the system and should be connected to the RED wire on our switch (ABC-FRS).
Next the ORANGE wire on the Anytime Backup Camera harness (ABC-28) is the load and should be connected to the ORANGE wire on our switch (ABC-FRS)
Next you will install the Video Harness and Relay (ABC-FRONT) which come with your kit.  The Video Harness has 24 wires with two factory style connectors on each end and two Yellow RCA plugs on it.  Similarly to the ABC-28 harness, the Video Harness will also plug into the rear of your factory in dash screen.  The Video harness will plug into the rear of the screen then the factory harness will plug into the other end of the Video Harness.
You now need to connect the Video Harness and the Switching Relay.  The MALE RCA plug on the Video Harness will plug into the MARKED FEMALE RCA on the Switching Relay and the MALE RCA on the Switching Relay will plug into the FEMALE RCA on the Video Harness.  Your kit will come pre-assembled like this so you can skip this step in most cases. 
Next you will need to connect the GREEN and BLACK wires on the Switching Relay.  The GREEN wire will connect to the GREEN wire on the Anytime Backup Camera Front and Rear Switch (ABC-FRS).  Then you will connect the BLACK wire from the relay to a chassis ground.
Front and Rear Camera Switch (ABC-FRS)
Wire Functions
BLACK -      Chassis Ground
RED -           12v Supply (RED wire from Override Harness ABC-28)
ORANGE -   Rear Camera (ORANGE wire from Override Harness ABC-28)
GREEN -      Front Camera (GREEN wire from Switching Relay ABC-RELAY)
GRAY -         Illumination - (negative/ground)
BLUE -         Illumination + (12v)

Full Kit Wiring Diagram


  • Was wondering how to get the front cameras LED from being constantly on.
    Or is that how it’s supposed to be?
    I can supply a photo if needed. But basically the front camera LED is on as soon as the car is on? I had a shop install it and they said they followed ur video and instructions and doesn’t state how to disable that or if that’s supposed to be normal with it being always on.

    Lexus Mcdonald
  • After install, it works fine. However, when switched to front camera – both the rear and front Switch labels illuminate (orange). When switched to rear, only the rear label illuminates. Can you tell me why this is? What could be the reason? The cameras operate correctly.

    Kurt Knapp
  • Hello, here is a video with detailed installation steps.

    I hope it helps.

  • I bought the Full Kit. Rear camera works correctly but when I hit the switch for front camera the screen goes black. I have the wiring harness that plugs into front camera and has 1 RCA jack and a very thin red and black wire. I hooked red wire 2 green wires and the black to other black wires which were grounded. Some videos show a red RCA jack. I dont have that. I also don’t have any wires connected directly to battery or fuse box for power. I think everything else is hooked up correctly. I need help please!!!

    Shawn Dubs
  • My kit that I just recieved doesnt exactly match the instructions. My wires look slightly different than the instructions. I am not sure exactly where to put the black and red wire that runs from the section between the camera and the radio. I tried a few different things with them but i just ended up blowing a fuse. I need an updated wiring instructions asap.

    Matthew R. King

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