• I have everything wired up as diagrammed. However I can only get the front camera to work whether I hit the front switch or the rear switch. Then I swapped the front camera input for the rear camera input and the opposite is happening. When I press either front or rear on the switch I only get the rear camera in both positions. Please help.

    Dan Kaiser
  • I logged in today and say the comment from Mary on May 11 2021 where she says “Don’t waste your money.
    DOES NOT work on 2021 4Runner”. I must say that I disagree with her. I have a 2021 4Runner TRD Off-road and I installed the Anytime system with a front camera early this year and have been enjoying it off-roar every weekend since.

    Tim Curnutt
  • Don’t waste your money.
    DOES NOT work on 2021 4Runner

  • I cant get the override to work. Connected organe-orange and red-red but no override on rear. But when i shift into R the amber light for rear on the switch lights up. Checked connections but all seems good .

    Luke March 07, 2021

    Same as Luke… works in Reverse but can’t get it to override on rear or forward cam

  • Works great on my 2021 Tacoma. Just got back from off-roading where I went up a very steep incline. When I got near the crest of the hill, I couldn’t see the ground anymore so I just flipped on my front facing camera and Boo-Yaah! It just payed for itself. Satisfied customer.
    Photo “View from rear of radio” saved me. I had one of the plugs in the wrong spot and I got no power to the camera. Lucky I didn’t burn anything up! See the Photo!! https://www.anytimebackupcamera.com/products/2020-kit

    Jack Dahlstrom

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