• Bought the full kit for 2021 Tacoma, had it professionally installed. Everything worked fine however installer noticed the the harness the controls the front camera canceled out bluetooth capability and head unit would not connect to the phone. All the connections where check and rechecked. The only thing that worked was disconnecting the supposedly plug and play harness provided with this kit and reconnecting factory harness, Bluetooth worked and phone connection was established. Not sure what the issues are. Waiting for a response from seller for technical assistance.

    Orlando Rosado
  • I purchased the product and when it arrived, one of the wires was poorly crimped (87a for the Rear Camera) and had come completely come out. The wire was not stripped for a positive connection with terminal, no the wire was not stripped and then the wires broke off (I have photos). The issue is the wires are very short coming out of the heat shrink and there is no strain relief for the three RCA cables. I very simple resolution would be make the wires longer to give some relief and then heat shrink them all together with the Trigger and Ground wires. I’m actually writing this comment because I have sent an email and a Contact Us form and haven’t heard anything in over a week from them. Then today as I was trying to plug the wiring harness into the switch the ground pin wasn’t centered properly causing the pin to bend. Once I removed the harness the Black wire fell out of the harness. Luckily I have an Electronics Degree and fixed the pin in the harness and was able to assemble the harness and the switch and then used a continuity checker to make sure I was good. Since the Relay harness with the RCA jacks is still broken I have decided to use my own 5 Pin Relay and RCA jacks to make my own RCA Relay Harness. For $200, I would expect better quality for parts that only cost $100.

    Greg Oetker
  • I try to install twice wired absolutely the way on the instruction. Only my back camera was showing on the screen, the front not even the light on the switch was on. My next step will be taking my car for a professional. Toyota Tundra 2019.
  • 2021 Tacoma TRD Off Road. Same problem as some other commenters…the rear camera intermittently doesnt work. Front works just fine. Switch illuminates both “front” and “rear” lights when front camera is selected. I feel like its either a bum relay or shoddy RCA connections…

    Don Shannon
  • Five stars. Purchased kit over a year ago for my 19 Taco. Installed it a couple of weeks ago but the relay wasn’t working. Called the number and a new part was in the mail the next day. Everything works great now. Really like having a front camera. Highly recommend.

    Paul Klimek

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